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  • Was using Surgent, found it pretty frustrating so I stopped.  There is no referencing so when you forget something it's very hard to find to re-read and it takes a lot of time looking for something you read and forgot, you have to practically go through the entire book. - Crystal C.

    One thing I don't like, you have to pay for the paperback book, one reason I am considering Roger for REG over Surgent.  Does control F work or can you highlight? - Joel B.

    With Surgent book, you cannot highlight, print or copy and paste. You can search though. - Peggy H.

  • Why do u like Surgent and does its individual course come with a paper book and a cram? - Joel B.

    I don't know of a cram course, but there is a pdf book. I like Surgent because it has short videos and adaptive learning technology. It was also a lot cheaper than other course when I got it at a discount. - Peggy H.

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