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  • Blueprints tips:

    1) after you’ve covered most of the material, print the blueprints
    2) get a bunch of colored pens or highlighters
    3) I read through the item OUT LOUD and then ask myself if I understand this, and how I feel about it
    4) I circle or draw stars next to the stuff I understand well in green
    5) I’ll draw exclamation points next to stuff I know I’m struggling with, circle items, and write notes to myself to re-read stuff
    6) I’ll also write my mnemonics or memory tricks here as well
    7) closer to exam time, I go back through my blueprints and will draw green checkmarks next to the items I have previously noted as needing to review, and things that I am still struggling with, I will continue to revisit

    - Rachael C.

  • Blueprint just give the guideline. The real test is weighing on one to another. Tips: the sections you don’t like and hate to deal with one that appear more in the real exam. I failed for first attempted. - Joshua M.

  • It says effective jan 2019, so is it still applicable for people testing in November December 2018 ?? - Rashmi R.

    I think there are different versions of it, one for each testing window. Please correct me if I'm wrong so I don't get this wrong, I just looked at it a few minutes the other day. - Jaclyn S.

    There are two versions on AICPA website, one for testing after June 2018 and other for January 2019. Make sure to have the right version if testing in 2018. - Rosymare S.

    Thanks both of you  I'll go back and check again! - Rashmi R.

  • I basically looked at it also to look at the topics SIMs will most likely be on. Although SIMs can be anything under Analysis or Application I think they more likely question SIMs under Analysis. - Jan C.

  • From what I can tell, looking at it briefly, you can sort of figure out where the harder questions will be. Is that how you all are using it? Any tips? - Jaclyn S.

    Yes, SIMS - Joel B.


  • Yes, at least for SIMS. - Maya R.
    Yesss - Moussa B.
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