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This is my first time studying for & taking FAR.  I am SO overwhelmed. It’s like everything is going in one ear and out the other and I’m not absorbing anything.... any suggestions on how to tackle this?  I’ve taken AUD & REG, failed with a 70 and 66. I had already scheduled FAR so I’m going to focus on that for now before my NTS expires. I didn’t feel this way studying for the other two so I’m just wondering if I should tackle it a different way. I would watch the lectures (in 2x speed) for the entire section using Becker and then go through the MCQs and SIMs for that section before moving onto the next. Of course I missed some and had to take notes but I feel like with FAR I am at a loss with the material completely and I’m not grasping anything. - Raelynn K.

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  • Audio on loop. Read through the books. Then maybe find vids that work for. I recommend Youtube. Notes, Notes, Notes. Re-wrting helped me. - Lonzo W.

  • Work the questions more. That’s what you have to do in order to pass the test, so start early. If you don’t know the answer, look that section up in the book, and sketch out the solution. If you need further clarification, go to the lecture. You’ll learn faster this way and you’ll sketch out solutions for 95% of the questions you’ll see on the final exam as Becker designs the test bank based on likelihood of receiving a certain type of question. So the ones you’re seeing in Becker are what you’ll most likely see on the exam. You got this! - Alyssa H.

    • Thank you! Working problems definitely is what helps me learn the best. That’s why I’m scheduling myself to have at least 3 weeks to review to focus 100% on questions. - Raelynn K.

    • that’s awesome! Don’t skip it if you don’t know it! Those are the ones to drill. You’re going to do great ;-) Alyssa H.

    • I’ve spent the last hour going through questions and if i get them wrong/don’t know how i got them right I’ve been going back to the text and taking notes on what the concept is about and that’s helping! Writing things down really helps me remember. - Raelynn K.

    • wonderful to hear! Keep it up - Alyssa H.

  • This is/was me. When I took AUD I was at least familiar with the material and didn’t have an issue passing. With FAR, I felt like I knew nothing. After months of studying I am finally getting comfortable with each section even after I thought I would never be able to learn it all. Trust the process and work the multiple choice after watching the lectures and it will start to come together. Now I can look back at difficult sections (bonds for me) and least have a solid idea of how to solve the problems. - Josiah S.

    • I have roughly 10 weeks until my exam and i can’t reschedule because my NTS expires. Do you think that is enough time for me to start understanding and be able to pass? - Raelynn K.

    • I don’t want to discourage you but for me personally that would not be enough time, BUT don’t let other situations stop you from studying. I’d put that date down on the calendar and back into it, detailing exactly how much you need to accomplish each day in order to sit on your test day. You may find that you catch on quickly once you get into the material. - Josiah S.

    • i am trying to stay positive about it. My NTS expires so i don’t have a choice. But i have also found if i give myself too much time i slack off. So maybe having a set 10 weeks will be good for me. My plan is to go section by section in Becker and see how much material i can get through the next 7 weeks and then give myself 3 weeks to review and tackle MCQs and SIMs until i literally can’t anymore. - Raelynn K.

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