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This is my first time studying for & taking FAR.  I am SO overwhelmed. It’s like everything is going in one ear and out the other and I’m not absorbing anything.... any suggestions on how to tackle this?  I’ve taken AUD & REG, failed with a 70 and 66. I had already scheduled FAR so I’m going to focus on that for now before my NTS expires. I didn’t feel this way studying for the other two so I’m just wondering if I should tackle it a different way. I would watch the lectures (in 2x speed) for the entire section using Becker and then go through the MCQs and SIMs for that section before moving onto the next. Of course I missed some and had to take notes but I feel like with FAR I am at a loss with the material completely and I’m not grasping anything. - Raelynn K.

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    • I agree, the set time limit helps to motivate. Give it your very best shot and I bet you’ll be surprised with how much you will have learned within these 10 weeks - Josiah S.

  • The first time around it's going to be slow and rough . Then the second time it'll be better and better etc . You just have to keep drilling the mcqs - Johnny T.

  • Becker isn't that thorough, make sure you're reading the text also. You can do it! - Joel B.

  • I felt like that too studying for was my first exam. I studied about 20-25 hours a week for 9 weeks while working full time and with a 2 year old at home. I felt i learned nothing after essentially reading the wiley book cover to cover and taking copious notes. I spent the last 2.5ish weeks drilling MCQs, reviewing heavily tested and my weaker areas with farhat and roger videos on YouTube, and taking even more notes. I learned the most in that time. I passed with an 85 and felt i had plenty of time during the exam. - Korynna B.

    • Currently I watch the lectures for a section in 2x the speed/take notes and then try to knock out the questions and sims for that section and then move on. But idk if that’s the best strategy. What would be your recommendation? I plan on having 3 weeks to review because I’ve found with the prior exams I’ve taken, that’s when things really start to click. I re-write my notes, do MCQs over all topics in 20-30 question testlets and do 1-2 SIMs and repeat until I’m blue in the face. But there’s SO much material in FAR. I’m just trying to tackle this the best way given the time i have. - Raelynn K.

    • i did the same thing except i learn better and faster by reading. But i also would read a lesson and then do MCQS and move on. Even if i failed that lessons assesment i just moved on. Dont get too overwhelmed just because its so much material, if youve passed other sections you know how to do it. You just have to put in the time. My best advice though is to always be reviewing...i listened to audio and read notes whenever i possibly could or when i just had a quick 5 minutes. - Korynna B.

    • i tried audio but I’ve learned I’m do much better visually so i rewrite notes whenever i can when I’m at work, like you said even if it’s 5 minutes. I haven’t passed any yet... so really trying to figure out how to do this the right way. - Raelynn K.

    • just make sure you get through all the material so that you've at least seen all the topics, but dont get too hung up on anything. Just keep chugging along. And once youre done start hammering MCQs constantly. Identify your weak areas and review until you master them. Then pound more MCQs and repeat. I definitely wouldn't have passed if I hadn't reviewed my weak areas so heavily. - Korynna B.

  • try to do 1 at a time... - Elena L.

    • I took REG Oct 15th, my results weren’t available until Dec 11th. I couldn’t just wait around and not start studying for something. So I scheduled AUD & FAR, which was a mistake that i learned because i didn’t realize at the time when i scheduled AUD that i would get my results within a week. If i knew that, i would have waited so i could retake AUD immediately. But right now i don’t have that option. I am sitting for FAR March 4th and not scheduling anything else. I get results i believe the 19th of March so my plan is to start studying for AUD again while i wait, and if i don’t pass FAR i will focus on it again. I was trying to be “smart” and save a little bit of money by applying for two sections at once and realized that was not smart - Raelynn L.

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