Disheartened I'm not making progress

Hi guys, I am looking for some help and advice. I took FAR for the first time in June and scored a 63. I was very disappointed but was determined to study for the next exam and push through and get a 75. I really did think this was attainable even though I work full-time, because I do you study every evening and every weekend.  I just got my score this week for my second attempt and I only made a 66. I was disheartened because I thought if I did not pass I would at least score in the low 70s… Does anyone have any advice they are willing to share with me? This is the last section I need to pass to obtain the CPA certification. That makes it extra disappointing. Thanks in advance! - Kait W.

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  • Take a week off to refresh your brain and then restudy starting from scratch. Make sure you're able to answer WHY you chose that particular answer for a mcq. You should be able to explain why it's the correct answer - Johnny T.

  • My practice has been to avoid scheduling the test until I’m trending at least 85%. The downside is that it’s easier to procrastinate because I don’t have an official test date but I go in more confident knowing my practice scores are strong. - Josiah S.

  • I think that was my problem is that I was trending in the high 70s and low 80s on the MCQs and lost a full 10% on test day. My goal now is to trend at at least 90% - Kait W.

  • I used Gleim and got an 80 while trending at 90% on FAR in their test bank. When I trended st 75% I got a 60. In audit I trended at 90% and got an 82.  I would say drill 100% of mcqs and trend between 90-95% on all topics. I did a few sims and the AICPA'S practice exam during my final 10 days of review. - Karen L.

  • Rewrite notes and actual problems/ equations for anything you're struggling with and highly review everything so nothing is forgotten. It is possible....I haven't passed yet but went from a 61 to a 73 so a large point jump is attainable. Just keep pushing and go harder than you have for the other sections. Good luck! - Tara C.

  • Do every topic in detail until you get it...... everything is important...... make notes of mcq n sims( concept) that can help u - Priyanka P. 

  • Are you taking progress tests? And if so what are your scores on there? You should try to average 85 on the progress test. Study the weak areas, making 70s and 75’s mean you dont know the material and leaves little room for error on the actual test. - Jamie Harmon

  • Try watching the roger videos on YouTube. I tell everyone but he really helped me understand some of the more complicated topics like stmt of cash flow and eps. Also, make journal entries to help you answer questions or t accounts to make sure everything balances. Start with the accounts you know for sure. Print the chapter summaries for Becker to take notes on. Go through each chapter and write an example of different kinds of transactions for the major topics to help you review. - Abby G.

    Good Roger videos here

  • Keep trying until you pass. Visualize it. Claim it. Ask yourself if you really understand the concepts or are you possibly just memorizing the answers. I listen to the lectures over and over (in the car usually) then do the mcqs and sims until I feellike I completely get most concepts. Then cram before the exam for about 2 weeks until it’s the only thing you can think about. But mostly it’s that you have got to believe it yourself. You can totally do this! - Rachel W.

  • Start over from beginning. Studying everything. Do not leave an area until you get 80%. That’s what I was told. Hope this helps. - Angela S.

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