Pencil and paper for exam

Q: Who do i contact to get a pencil and paper for the exam? Is it prometrics or nasba?


 do it at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. I would suspect in about 5 business days - Bill B.


I requested pencil and paper for my FAR exam. Received notice that my request had been sent to Prometric. Prometric, however, never received any info regarding my request and was provided markers and boards! I would say requesting pencil and paper is a waste of time - Aga Z.


You need to carry print of email confirmation, i got pencil and paper this time. - Ravi S.


Ravi i had print out of the email, but they still told me that they didnt receive anything so they cant provide paper pencil... - Bhavya S


Even they told me the same thing but i insisted them to go to their mailbox and check on the date i received the confirmation. Later they found it. Ravi S

--- that case i will try this time also...lets see..Thanks for sharing. Bhavya S


I requested it and had no issues at all. I called the test center a few days before the exam to see if they received my request and they confirmed they did. On test day I received paper and pencil, definitely worth doing....I think it really depends on your state it seems...I'm in Texas. - Irene K


Irene Kun- can you ask them for more sheets if u exhaust provided initially?! Thanks - Roopal M


yes, they give you 2 page-pamphlet style so really its 4 pages - Irene K

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