Here's some feedback to help you answer this age-old question ... how do your practice / mock exams measure up to the actual exam?  I'll include some general information here in the post and as I run into review provider specific information, I'll post in the comments.  Feel free to contribute to this set of "data".  

Remember, the best a preparation software can do is a raw score. The CPA exam is not a raw score test. So while doing “really bad” is not a good indicator of material knowledge or comfort, I have known people to pass while scoring high 60’s and low 70’s on practice exams. Prep material also is bad at grading SIMS. - Damon B.

The actual exam score depends on how everyone else does during the window that you take the exam - the score you get on your review doesn’t reflect how you will be graded. - Omar F.

I've heard from someone that the Becker SIMs are harder than the actual exams. This is from a student who passed all 4 parts of the exam on the first try, and one woman who had just taken an exam and she reported the same general feel.  As the chairman of my accounting department said, "We prepare you to run a marathon, even though the actual race is much shorter." ...that's probably not the exact words, but you get the idea. - Amanda W.

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  • I read that you can’t really compare scores from study materials to the test, which may be in our favor. The study materials tell us the percent we successfully answered the questions. The test has different weights to each question depending on how hard it is. Hope this helps! - Garri W.

  • General consensus is you score about 10 points higher on the real exam. - Sarah S.

    I did something similar when I studied with Gleim and passed. - Adam G.

  • if you know which account to debit, but have trouble to figure out amount, you will not get any credit points. Just try your best, do not leave line without an amount. - Olia B.

  • I think you do get partial credit for for having the right debit and credit but not a 100% sure - Carmen M.

  • Is the FAR exam being scored the same way mock exams are scored on Becker?

    If that’s the case, I am totally screwed on the SIMs. On the JEs, I am getting the accounts correct on which to debit and credit, but when it comes to calculating the correct amount, I am getting them wrong a lot. I don’t get a partial credit on that on Becker mock exams. Please tell me I will get a partial credit on the real exam!!!!   - Tina M.

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