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Carve out times dedicated for exam studying. Above all, practice, practice, practice MCQs and Sims until you're sick of them. That's the strategy I'm going with, anyhow. I'm currently in the phase in Wiley where I'm going through each lesson and trying to get a 75 or more in three tries. If I can't understand the material/MCQs in the assessment enough to get above a 75 in 3 tries, then I have moved on from it. Will return once I have completed all others and identified the struggle areas. - Amanda W.

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  • I watched all the videos first, without taking notes. Then I started with mcq, 1 subsection at a time, and took notes on wrong answers. If a section had more than 20 questions, I would do about 60-70% of them to get an idea of what those questions were looking for. Once I was done, I did random sets of 10 for a week or 2. After that, I printed out the detailed progress report, and went through weak sections until I was trending at 80%. The last few days before my test, I would go through the blueprints and pick 1 sim for each topic that was checked for analysis. Throughout that whole process, I would watch videos on weaker areas. - Ryon T.

  • So frustrated right now. Watched videos earlier today, and felt confident with the material. Did a ton of MCQs, and... I have no confidence left. - Amanda W.

    The best way is dont judge yourself now, when only 10 days remain.. judging yourself can create frustration and anxiety which will double the problem and kill your time.. hope this works - Neha G.

    One step at a time! Take breaks, come back to it with a fresh mind and write down what you missed and why you missed them. You got this! I usually take a break once I get supper frustrated! Naps are great! - Mariah B.

    I was so frustrated I had to take a break tonight. studied for 2 hours rather than 6. Hoping a break and a fresh start tomorrow will help my perspective. - Faith S.

    I'm consulting some different videos and MCQs, ... so far the MCQ questions are much easier, but they seem to be more memorization type compared to application type. I believe the real exam is more based on application type questions. - Amanda W.

  • I feel like I'm just getting by and not fully understanding a thing. By the time I move on to the next topic, I'm confused all over again. And if I get a test question on prior chapters, it's now foreign to me because I'm so lost in the current chapter. Anyone feel that way? What am I doing wrong? Looking for some words of wisdom. Thanks! - Sirinya J.

    Review daily... make notes and take an hour to review them. That way the information stays fresh. If you read the same thing over and over it will stick. Not extensive notes but main pointers on each topic. - Malia R.

    I started making flash cards. I remember material better when i write it down. I try to go back and review them once a week - Olga F.

    The only advice I have to to review previous chapters every few days, but you are not alone!! - Kristin G.

    As the others suggest, reviewing your notes is a good way to do it. At the end of a unit, review the notes for that unit. After doing, say, 2-3 units, review the notes for all of the prior units you've done. I'd say that, after going through 5 units, re-write your notes.  
    Yes, I said re-write them. Maybe not exactly, but re-write and condense them down to an even more manageable chunk. You will retain so much more this way. Then continue on. It's a lot of trial and error... - Amanda W.

  • So I'm on my final review and focusing on mcqs the last few days. I was hitting my targets but now can't get past 60. Any advice, has anybody else experienced this or just been stuck. Can't hardly break 60 at all right now. - Jaclyn S.

    I feel like the last few fays of review is when I'd get the most wrong. Like just silly mistakes. Nerves. Anxiety. But by test day it was fine. Don't worry so much about how many you're getting right or wrong just answer, understand where you went right or wrong and move on. - Torie S. 

    This is great to hear!!! This is where I’ve been at as well. My scores are increasing from fist round through in Becker- but feel my “understanding” has increased dramatically- changing the way I’m studying the next few days to give me a break from MCQs! Going to watch sim videos and cram the final review lectures. - Brian T.



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