Taking the CPA Exam with Kids

Hi. I need some advice. I am using Wiley and I am getting good scores on the software, but am not passing the exam. I watch the lectures and do the MC questions and SIMS. I am pressed for time as I have 2 young kids and work FT. Any study tips you have that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Kris H.


They say if you can teach it then you truly understand it. It's possible you've started to remember at least some of the answers but aren't completely grasping the why or how. I know how you feel, 3 kids, 1 FT and 1 side business but they only way I've passed and have gotten past that 75 was to review the answer keys and jot down VERY short notes, as if you were only able to glance at them for a presentation. Then act it out as if you're teaching it. I know it sounds silly but if you catch yourself unable to take a small tidbit of information and explain it to someone who doesn't understand, even if that person is fictional, then you haven't fully grasped it. I passed REG after 2 attempts bc I like taxes lol, but AUD took me 3 tries and I just passed BEC on my 4th, 4th attempt at FAR next week and I can tell you that, for me, I didn't pass until I wrote down small notes and pretended to teach someone. Also a BIG difference is I've taken off the day before each exam and spent the whole day doing this. It's made a tremendous difference. Then on test day I get there by 9 after dropping the kids off, grab breakfast and a snack (to eliminate unnecessary breaks) and review those notes in my car until my test at 1. But when I review, I briefly explain it, I do NOT reread the notes like a zombie. That won't help. Doing this is hard, add kids and jobs and you'll think you were crazy lol! - Tara C.

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