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    So I took FAR twice and failed both times. Other people told me to move on to another test. So I am studying REG.  Should I go back to FAR? - Daniel A. 

    Definitely stick with FAR until you pass. Create a study plan that includes reviewing your previous chapters as you move on to the next so that you dont forget the materials you've already learned - Melanie B.

    If you pass a different one, you’re making yourself susceptible to losing it. Especially if you are struggling heavily with FAR. I would stick with it so your 18 months doesn’t start till you pass FAR. - Emily B.

    I suggest determining your learning style (e.g. videos, reading, listening to audio, flash cards, note taking, etc.). Also, be sure to not memorize answers. The full practice exams in these review courses usually give you a lot of the same MCQs and it’s easy to start memorizing them. Really learn why you got an question wrong and don’t just read the provided answer. I’ve passed REG, AUD, and BEC, I’m now studying FAR. For me, FAR is the hardest one. But definitely stay with FAR until you pass. - Ashley E.

    Why do you think I should stick with FAR if your doing it last? - Daniel A

    I thought REG would be the hardest one, and many reviews I read said REG was the most challenging which is why I took that one first. I ended up really enjoying it lol. At that point I had to strategize, and other things (like job hunting), made me decide which exams to take thereafter. I honestly don’t think there is a good or bad order of taking these exams. But since you’ve already started FAR it seems logical to keep at it. On the other hand, I’ve heard some people do stop and start a different exam then go back. If you think it would be beneficial for you to take a break from FAR, study and pass another exam, then go back to FAR, you can take that risk. This entire exam process is a risk in and of itself anyway, right. Do what you feel is best for you. - Ashley E.

    I agree with others saying you don’t want the clock to start and you’re not good with FAR. Another reason to stick with FAR: The concepts may show up in audit. And you def want to understand gaap basis vs tax basis which shows up in REG. FAR is the foundation. - Andrew E.

    You already learned and tested it. Even when you didn't pass, you retain some of the knowledge to make it easier to study the next time. It could be your method of learning, not enough time, not fully understand the concepts or plainly your software doesn't work with your way of learning. However those would be an easy fix than plainly putting it last and studying all over again. - Sarah P.

    Maybe I didnt say that due to work, and others events. I took FAR twice over a 2 Year period. - Daniel A.

    Not studying consistently can make a big difference. Some people rely on their short-term memory and only studying for a few weeks. I cant do that, unforunately, so I give myself 3-5 months depending on how well I’m grasping the material. The CPA exams are about discipline and self-motivation more than anything. I suggest you make a plan on how you’re going to study for each exam. - Ashley E.

    There’s a huge short term memory component to this exam...especially FAR and REG due to the sheer amount of have to consistently study especially the last 2-3 weeks you should be studying 3-4 hours a day and banging out 1000s of MCQs and 100s of SIMS....the only way to pass is practice practice practice - Michael I.

    I took far like 4 times and I failed. I think I’m going to start studying for BEC. FAR is like a Marathon, you run a mile first, then two and then four, building up your stamina and endurance. In order for me not to give up on this journey I have to try a different way.hopefully it works. - Ana V.

    If you have already started studying REG, I would stick with it before the new tax law is tested. If you haven't really started studying REG, I would get big nasty FAR out of the way first. Honestly, you need to just choose one or the other and stick with it. Otherwise you are wasting your time. (I have been there and done that)  - Deb P.


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