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Just walked out feeling defeated

Just walked out feeling defeated. I’ve been studying full time for months, did all Becker lectures, MCQ & SIM. Did my own notes/flashcards and whenever I got an MCQ wrong I would handwrite notes to help me understand why. I know this material, I just finished undergrad and I am not concerned about my study habits so i think it all boiled down to my mentality.

Kept having so much doubt in myself the entire time I was studying it was reflecting in my scores, to top it off last night I woke up at 1:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep from how anxious I felt. Ugh, glad it’s over but I won’t be surprised if I have to re-take it...I’ll be lucky if I passed. - Natalie A.

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Failed by 5 Points: Advice Please!

Hey guys I need advice. I failed by 5 points and I want to know if anyone has advice of how I can study for the re-take. I am not going to re-watch any lectures but I want to be able to do as many questions as I can. I also probably won’t have time to re-do every mcq before my re-take. I work full time so if anyone has any efficient ways to study for a re-take please let me know, thanks!  - Mishaal A.

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