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Simulations Tips

What's the best way to approach Sims?  - Bahn B.

Do as many sims that you can get hold of. Do the ones in your review course online/book, free trials from other review courses which gives you full/partial access to their material for limited number of days & AICPA sample tests. Doing sims become easy or rather easier once you get comfortable approaching sims, IMO. Doing sims helps with doing mcqs too. In addition, sims bring together all the concepts & leads to a better understanding of them. - Sue G.

It really depends on the SIM type. The fill in the blank (blue underlined selections) is just knowing the material. Don’t be ashamed to use the authoritative literature if you don’t know concept 100% or to check your answers. Research is straightforward make sure you dig enough for specific item they are asking for. Tax is definitely the trickiest Research in my opinion. For Document review make sure you have a blank note card in front of you and open all documents and right down all the facts you not write down info that is irrelevant (they will throw in extra items designed to confuse you)to the questions, it will only confuse you - Michael I.

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